Khóa lực YM-280LED

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Single Door Magnetic Lock

Tồn kho:

Giá bán: 999,000 VND

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Collinear Load Test 280kg,600pounds.

Dual Voltage 12 or 24 VDC(optional).

The Standard Voltage is 12VDC when Finished.

MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection.

Suitable For Wooden Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Fireproof Door.

LED Indicates the door Status.

Lock Status sensor(NO/NC/COM).

Anti-Residual Magnetism Designed.

High Strength Material,Anodized Aluminum Housing.

Design without Mechanical Failure.

Increase the holding Force,Dual Insulative Housing.

Size: 250Lx48.5Wx25H(mm)

Armature Plate Dimension: 180Lx38Wx11H(mm)