Module chuyển đổi tín hiệu MDDIDO-1S

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Tồn kho:

Giá bán: 3,199,000 VND

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• Built-in LED status indicators for each input and output points.
• Watchdog feature for halting operation of unknown causes and reverting to normal operation condition after problem solved.
• Compact size, easy to install.
• RS485 communication interface and the maximum distance to the controller is 1KM.
• Capability of connecting external backup power supply for emergency.


Baud Rate19,200bps (4,800bps ~ 115,200bps)
ID1 ~ 8 or 01 ~ 99

•MDDIDO-1S:4 voltage free input

•MDDIDO-16:16 voltage free input

Output Points

•MDDIDO-1S: 2 relay output

•MDDIDO-16: 16 relay output

LED Indicator3 LED
Input Voltage8V ~ 15V DC
Operating / Storage Temperature-20 ~ +70 / -30 ~ +80

•MDDIDO-1S: 75W x 115H x 22D

•MDDIDO-16: 107W x 138H x 22D

Ordering Information

•MDDIDO-1S-BSN: 2 relay, Beige color

•MDDIDO-16-BSN: 16 relay, Beige color