Đầu đọc thẻ và vân tay SYRIS SYRDF6

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Đầu Đọc Vân Tay SYRIS

Tồn kho:

Giá bán: 9,200,000 VND

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• Built-in Anti-Tamper protection.

• Communication : Wiegand / RS485.

• Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from halting.

• Built-in Buzzer.

• Access methods : Fingerprint / Card+Fingerprint / Card.

• Fingerprint (9,000 templates) verification.

• Optical fingerprint sensor for capturing 2D fingerprint template.

• High accuracy and speed of fingerprint identification.

• The most reliable fingerprint algorithm.

• Fast 1:N matching speed (High performance DSP).

• Low power consumption and fast power-on time.


Transmit Frequency 125KHz (EM) / 13.56MHz (Mifare)

Number of Fingerprints 9,000 fingerprints

ID 1-8 (for SYW95A ) or 01-99 (for SYSOFT series)

Read Range 3cm~10cm (Mifare:3cm~7cm)

Fingerprint Sensor Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Communication RS485 / Wiegand

EER(Equal Error Rate) <0.1%

Wiegand Formats 26 / 34 / 42 bits

Beep Tone Built-in Buzzer

Baud Rate 19,200bps (4,800bps ~ 230,400bps)

LED Indicator 3 LED

Anti-Tamper Facility Built-in

Encryption 256 bit AES(fingerprint data protection)

Input Voltage 8V ~ 20V DC / 0.5W ~ 2W

Operating Temperature -10˚C ~ +60˚C

Dimensions(mm) 91W x 146H x 61D

Ordering Information •SYRDF6-P : 125KHz, Optical Fingerprint Reader, Gray color

•SYRDF6-PM1 : 13.56MHz, Optical Fingerprint Reader, Gray color